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Hakan Can Kinik or
Roadside Lake, hello.

Collage artist, uses mixed media, abstract and typography techniques narratively and experimentally. — DiPh*

After 6 years of freelance work as an illustrator, I got involved in the NFT space in 2021 and after discovering a community bursting with passion for art, it quickly became my main focus. 

After making productions based on drawings for a while, I switched to Collage and now I'm just working on it. I list 1/1 heavily, sometimes above Versions. Throughout my NFT /Web3 journey, I focus on developing my art. Because I still have a long way to go and goals. "We should not forget that there is another side of the world that we do not know or see, and that contains very different emotions and images."

Do say hi, let’s be friends.

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